part 1 of 2 (here).

I had to visit oklahoma state back in 2010 for a last minute business trip.  it was the worst but also my most memorable roadtrip ever.  the business portion was the the worst.  not even going to talk about it.  lame.  I’m still pissed.

in 2010, I didn’t own a fancy digital camera.  smartphones were still a few models away from decent image quality.  the film cameras I am still using today were my go-to cameras in 2010.  see- invest in a good film camera and you can use it forever ;)  the trip was so last minute I didn’t even have time to buy fresh film.  I found some expired walgreen film in the drawer from way back, packed a 40/1.4 lens and went.  the result is the shitty result you see above.

the most memorable part was the landscape, it’s beautiful!

up until the trip, I have never ever seen snow fall.  yeah ha-ha laugh it off.

second most memorable (as seen in the 3rd photo with a rear view mirror)-  I have never (screaming) ever- in broad daylight- seen a highway empty.  empty freeway in los angeles means oh shit something is definitely wrong.  as I traveled southbound for my last leg of the commute, not one single soul on the indian nation turnpike.  paid the tollbooth, said “how’s it going” and “take care”, that was it.  no car just wide open rolling landscape, leafless trees, and dormant ground cover for the next 50 miles.  it’s quite therapeutic but with a zombie apocalypse sorta vibe. 

third and final most memorable and sort of off-topic, I flew in on a bumpy turboprop.

there it is, my top 3 list.

I’m posting these today because I recently rescanned the negs to see if I can salvage some of the shots.  these were the ok ones while the rest came out deaded.  expired film can give you bad surprises like this, especially when it is not fridged properly and go through big temperature changes while sits in the camera.

to be continued…

camera:  minolta cle, nokton 40/1.4, extremely expired walgreen 400.

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