continues from the previous post…  part 2/2

I visited oklahoma state back in 2010 for a business trip.  it was the worst but also my most memorable trip.  the business portion was the the worst, while this angeleno valley guy find the prairie landscape in the sooner state beautiful and fascinating.  and I saw real snowfall and highway with no car for the first time.

the 2nd roll from the trip came out slightly ok, but still pretty messed-up.  the color came out ok with very minimal streaks, but anything in the shadow area is faded and grainy- which is a signature of very expired film.  only 6 out of 24 frames on this 2nd roll were salvageable but the rest were beyond my photo editing abilities.

which town did I visit?  please see the monster whatchamacallit yellow structure in the 4th photo.

I find that movie theater in the 5th photo fascinating because my hometown has a similar theater just like this (heard about the haunted rumor since junior high school).  I can only imagine this is the only entertainment hub for a 40 maybe 60 miles radius- people back in the days of 1-screen theater came here to smooch in the dark!

I’ll bet the theater barely survived through the 80’s… you know, betamax then vcr, blockbuster video… definitely will not survive today with video streaming.  who knows, maybe it’s closed for a reboot makeover.

anyway.  after my business meet, I drove around town a bit to take snow photos, I know, pretty lame.  then it started to get dark so I headed back to okc before I get totally lost.  ate, showered, slept.  next day boarded by then my second time on a turboprop to denver connecting to sunny los angeles- seen in that last photo.

camera:  minolta cle, nokton 40/1.4, extremely expired walgreen 400.

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